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18: The Great Barrier Reef is Not Dead with Tanya Murphy

Despite the rumours floating around, the Great Barrier Reef is not dead. It is a 2400km long stretch of incredible marine biodiversity that brings in $1.4 billion dollars of money to Australia, and supports 16,000 jobs in Queensland.


While it is still beautiful and vibrant serious threats to the health of the reef. Tanya Murphy and I discuss these in the newest episode of the Ocean Pancake Podcast. The biggest threat is climate change, and Australia needs to quickly start moving away from coal and towards renewable energy.

Have you checked it out on the podcast!


The most important thing you can do to help the Reef, is to learn about it and go visit the Great Barrier Reef. Join a climate activist group, volunteer for marine conservation, or the Divers For Reef Conservation.

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Best Scuba Diving Torches

torch review

So you’re looking for scuba diving equipment, among all the brands, specifications and price points its very easy to get lost. After ten years of diving, and five years of being a PADI Scuba Diving Instructor, I decided why not share some of my insights over my diving career, to help divers to pick their ideal gear. I am not going to be talking the most technical points, however, the aspects of scuba diving equipment that matters in the end : ease of use and durability. Today, we are tackling the best torches to buy.

As an example, I wanted to use the four different types of torches we have at the dive shop here at Laka Lodge, along with the Orcatorch which was sent to be to test and review.

Mares EOS 2c


(Discontinued, but similar torches are available such as Mares Torch EOS 3 Scuba Dive Light, Mares Eos 5Rz Magnetic Rechargeable Waterproof Torch or Mares EOS 5 Torch – Black/Black by Mares. )

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