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Best Scuba Diving Torches

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So you’re looking for scuba diving equipment, amongst all the brands, specifications and price points its very easy to get lost. After ten years of diving, and five years of being a PADI Scuba Diving Instructor, I decided why not share some of my insights over my diving career, to help divers to pick their ideal gear. I am not going to be talking the most technical points, however, the aspects of scuba diving equipment that matters in the end : ease of use and durability. Today, we are tackling the best torches to buy.

Why Buy A Torch

If you are an avid, or beginner diver, purchasing a dive torch is high up on the list of priorities. While it does not rank above mask, snorkel, fins, booties, dive computer and debatably wetsuit, a torch is firmly fighting for seventh place. Having a torch helps you shed some light on the sometimes gloomy underwater world. Whether you are trying out your first night dive and require a hand held light device to help you find your way around, are diving to depths where all colours disappear or simply want to shine a light into a crevasse or crack in the rock to try find it’s inhabitants. A torch will make any dive fuller with colour. Check out the other gear I use.

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