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Learning from Traditional Owners of the Land on How to Protect our Oceans

The modern world has created a disconnect between people and nature, and Maddi from Murriyan hopes to strengthen the connection between the marine world and the traditional knowledge of Australia. Listen here.


“We are an organisation aiming to promote ocean and marine life conservation through Indigenous values”

As a Wiradjuri woman, she discusses the First Nation’s people connected to our oceans and shares some insight into conservation, sustainability, and life in Australia.

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Ocean Experts, Podcast Episodes

How Saving the Oceans is a ‘Real Job’ with Tiffany Duong

It’s never too late to change your career and work with your passions to protect our planet. From working in the Amazon, Coral Reef Restoration, and creating waves of positivity to protect our oceans and our planet. Learn from someone who has been there, how to start work in conservation!

It’s never too late to change your career and work towards a better tomorrow.

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Tiffany Duong left the corporate world behind to travel the world to work for herself and the planet by creating Ocean Rebels.

We cover how to find a job in ocean conservation, where her journey took her, and the importance of keeping the discussions of climate change and ocean conservation close. I asked her how to work in marine conservation, and she provided some fantastic insights with refreshing honesty. It can be scary, but it is infinitely rewarding.

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Ocean Experts, Podcast Episodes

Can Bacteria solve the Plastic Crisis? With Maria Pinto


The long awaited Ocean Pancake Podcast is here, with the first episode delving into the world of Marine Biology.

Maria Pinto, who is studying her PhD in Microbial Oceanography, joins me today to talk about all things ocean. She has recently started a website which focuses on scientific communication.

  • How did she become a Marine Biologist?
  • What is the relationship between plastics and microbes?
  • What does the day look like for a Marine Biologist?
  • What can we do as individuals to help protect the ocean?

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Vegan Food in the Comoros


When I first got the job offer to work on a tiny island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, I was extatic and mildly hesitant. Of course I immediately asked my boss whether there would be sufficient plant based options and he replied with “We have our own organic garden, but mostly everyone eats fish”. The job and the opportunity was simply too incredible to give up, so I figured I would move there and see what the food has in store for me.

What I found out, was unexpected and absolutely astonishing, not only do the Comoros Islands, which are located north of Madagascar and East of the Mozambique coast, have plant based food. They have an exquisite selection of exotic, tropical, unique starches, fruits and vegetables. Therefore, not only do I urge anyone who has not heard of this location to pick up an Atlas or search in Google maps, I highly encourage you to mark the spot as your next holiday destination.

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9 Easy Eco Friendly Choices


The whole point of the #juneocean challenge was to get as many people involved in changing their habits a little bit each day to add up to a bigger, positive impact on our earth. It’s the end of June, however, we are now entering July which is also known as Plastic Free July. I have already created a guide on how to go plastic free in your life, which is available for free when you join the mailing list! Just enter your email and start your transition to a plastic-free life.

So let’s recap some of the environmentally friendly choices we can make.

1.Chose to Say No Thank you

Stay strong and say no to those unplanned random occurrences: the free water bottles passed out, the plastic bags filled with treats, the extra bag your local farmer tries to give you. If you have never taken a moment to explore minimalism, I highly recommend having a look into it. It’s a lifestyle which allows you to live with less, focus on mental, spiritual and your own happiness rather than material possessions. Keep things that make you happy and don’t fall for every convenient offering.

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30 Ways To Help Our Ocean


Our Oceans Are Dying

If the Oceans die, we die. 70% of all of our oxygen comes with the algal blooms in the ocean, billions of individuals depend on the ocean for their livelihood, income and food and the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, is worth $56 AUD Billion.

I am sure you have read by now the reports, that the biggest coral bleaching event ever recorded just occurred worldwide in 2016, that there will be more plastic than fish by kg by the year 2050 and that just last year we surpassed the carbon parts per million forewarned by the scientists.


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Saving Baby Turtle Hatchlings

After conducting a discover scuba dive from Laka Lodge, I offered my students whether or not they would like to have a walk on the beach. Completely unknown to me, this small decision would lead me to one of the best days of my life. Today, I would like to share with you how I helped 19 tiny turtles, to make their way across their first obstacle in life and enter the oceans.


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