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Why We Can’t Save Oceans without Discussing Climate Change with Lucie G

What are the biggest contributing factors to the health decline of our oceans? How serious is the Ocean’s plight and what are scientists doing to learn about the impacts of coral bleaching, acidification, and changing currents.

ocean pancake (5)

Marine Biologist Lucie Guirkinger breaks down the impacts of climate change, over fishing, and the side effects of bycatch.

  • Did you know that ocean acidification is impacting the thickness of shells?
  • That the melting of icecaps is impacting migratory patterns of sea creatures everywhere?
  • How these shifts in food chains are creating a butterfly effects across the whole world?

Screenshot 2019-10-14 at 11.57.29 (1)

Learn how your daily choices create ripples of change in our oceans and what you can do today!

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