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Sharksafe Barrier as a Non lethal technology to protect beaches with Sara Andreotti

We need to stop killing 150 million sharks a year, but we also need to keep beaches safe. Non Lethal shark barrier technology can be the answer.

Today I am joined by Dr. Sarah Andriotti one of the Marine Biologists who has pioneered the Sharksafe Barrier an alternative to keeping swimmers on beaches safe.

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We discuss the behaviour of great whites, the methods of testing the magnetic and bio-mimicking technology, the results, and the future plans for the Sharksafe Barrier.


Is it cost-effective?

Will it keep beaches safe?

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These are just some of the questions we cover in the latest episode. We discuss how many sharks (great white sharks and tiger sharks) interacted with the system, and how many passed through it.

The theory is that the shark safe barrier mimics a kelp forest which sharks are typically more cautious about swimming through, in combination with magnetic technology that disrupts their navigation abilities.

If you do want to get involved make shark barriers a technology used on beaches, go check out their website.


Thanks to @grahammoes music as always.


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