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Sustainable Living for Our Ocean with Laura in Waterland

Are you ready to change small things in your life to make a big impact?

Do you know what the single biggest thing you can do for our oceans?

ocean pancake (2)

Waste is not waste until it’s wasted.

Join Laura in Waterland and I as we discuss her journey from backpacking around Asia to becoming a plastic-free eco-warrior creating change through inspiring, giving tips, and constantly learning new ways to protect our earth.


We discuss greenwashing, eco-friendly resorts, the biggest single thing you can do for our ocean, and what the reality of being zero waste really is.


Learn about the ghost nets and their cyclical nature in the ocean, and how they will continue to catch helpless animals for their lifespan.

Make sure to check out Plastic Free Tips, waste free laundry and plastic free, reef safe sunscreen.

laundry copy

Find out more from Laura on her website:

Laura in Waterland


Epic music by in the podcast made by @grahammoes

Stunning Dolphin Photo by Jorge Louzada

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