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How to work in conservation with Philipp Opperman

The newest episode of the Ocean Pancake Podcast is up!

Have you always wanted a career in ocean conservation? In this week’s Ocean Pancake Podcast, Philipp Opperman discusses how he got into working with Shark Conservancy and other conservation efforts without being a Marine Biologist.

philipp oppermann

We also touch upon seeing Great White Sharks underwater, treating yourself as a brand to maximize your potential to help the planet, along with worthwhile investments into your future.

Is a university degree necessary to help our planet?

Are eco-volunteering opportunities valuable?

What should people look into if they want to jump into working to save our seas?

Check out Shark Conservancy

This is part 2 of the interview, and you should definitely check out part 1 where Philip lets us in on what it’s like working with sharks in South Africa.