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Apart from the big names we are already familiar with such as Patagonia and Sea Shepherd, I wanted to highlight some potentially smaller companies which still prioritise our ocean in their message.



Patagonia is a household name for just about anyone outdoorsy, along with their extensive inventory from snowgear to sleeping bags, they have an enormous focus on going green. They have built repair centers worldwide to increase the longetivity of their products and decrease their environmental footprint. In 2016, they gave 10$ Million dollars to grassroots environmental groups. The corporate philosophy is 100% for the planet, and while they are not open and mostly open about it, they are one of the powerhouses driving eco friendly change.

The newest and most exciting thing I heard from the Speak Up For The Blue podcast, is that they created a dating website for environmental activists and environmental groups to connect. Patagonia Actionworks is the place you can go to “Answer with Action”. While I tried to search for environmental agencies near by.. I got results in Portland. Maybe Comoros is not included in their algorythm yet. However, the Plastic Free Fund is going strong, with you being able to donate and hopefully come vollunteer in the future!

Sea Shepherd


Another enormous company, is Sea Shepherd, this non for profit is the leader in ocean conservation. They do not just speak, they act. With three enormous multimillion dollar ships, Sea Shepherd must be backed by gigantic donations. Their T-shirts are also an excellent way to spread awareness about the plight of our oceans, starting a conversation and standing in unity.

If the oceans die, we die.

Established in 1977, their mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world’s oceans and conserve and protect ecosystems and species.

They have diverse operations, ranging from protecting the Galapagos, helping defend the highly endangered vaquita porpoise, Clean Waves tackling ocean pollution, protecting endangered populations of turtles and a range of others.

I have a dear friend, Scott Wallace, which has been an active member for several years and he talks to me about his experience with Sea Shepherd in an upcoming episode of Ocean Pancake Podcast. Check out his youtube!

Smaller Ocean Loving Companies


Considering I spend majority of my time in the water, I need to find clothing to wear through any weather and through any amount of salt covering it. So lets get into some of my favourites.

1. Saltwater Tribe


A woman who I met while on a scuba diving expedition several years ago, has continued her passion of ocean loving and travel in co-opening the Saltwater Tribe store.

Their vision is to provide like-minded ocean and conservation loves with a fun and stylish selection of ocean inspired gifts!

These guys have some fantastic clothing options for yourself / or your puppy dog, with 10% of their proceeds going to the Tangaroa Blue foundation.

2. My Vegan Experiment


Some of you may not know, I have a second website which is focused on the environmental impact of our dietary choices. There I also launched a tshirt collection “Plastic is the Killer” raising awareness about the enormous plastic issue in our world. 10% of all funds raised goes straight to the Plastic Free Fund which helps clean up beaches and oceans in the Comoros!

Get yourself a tshirt showing a Killer Whale filled with manmade human garbage!

3.Indigo Luna


Indigo Luna is an ethically made Yoga and Swim company, which uses natural fabric dyes and moves away from fast fashion. They also use Econyl, a material created from recycled nylon found from discarded fishing nets.

Their products are quite expensive, however in the ethos of slow fashion, high quality products, it is worth it.

4. SandCloud Towels


Want to have that perfect instagram worthy towel? Sandcloud towels is the way to go. Not only do they look amazing, propagate the hashtag #savethefishies but also donate profits to

Get your gorgeous towel now!

5. Waterlust


Now these guys are a company I have been obsessed with ever since I first saw them, through using film and photography they hope to inspire and educate people about the beauty of the underwater world. I am a huge beleiver of

You protect what you love

Starting as a university project, Waterlust has now grown to be

1) environmentally responsible products to support marine science research and education

2) media to inspire scientific curiosity and an adventurous spirit.

10% of their profits are also donated to the following organisations

  • Marine Megafauna Foundation
  • Shark Research and Conservation
  • Coral Morphologic
  • Spring Eternal Forces
  • Debris Free Oceans
  • Miami Sustain Laboratoy


The number one thing on my packing list whenever I travel, is swimsuits. So lets go through some Ocean Friendly Swimsuits. One of my favourite inventions in the past couple of years is Econyl.



Nylon waste from landfills and oceans are used and transformed into ECONYL. This regenerated nylon is exactly the same as brand new nylon and can be recycled, recreated and remoulded countless times. Econyl believes that the future is circular, that the regenerated material can help close the loop. By focusing on delivering and creating sustainable products from resources already available on our earth.

My favourite swimwear companies, have jumped onto this sustainability train and created fantastic swimwear by using regenerated nylon in their products.

6. Jeux de Vagues


I have searched all sustainable swimwear companies, but none had quite the same designer flair as Jeux de Vagues. Their designs are simply exquisite and make me excited to be in the water.

Founded by Katherine Terell, who is a designer, surfer, mom and activist creating an incredible range of swimwear. The solid fabrics are made from ECONYL while printed fabrics are created from recycled water bottles. They truly beleive that recycling is the way forward, to decrease the amount of plastic production. Did you know only 5 % of all plastic is recycled? The rest is in landfills, or plastic debris.

How do they give back? They are a member of 1% For The Planet. Where 1% of their sales is donated to nonprofits dedicated to the environment where they are partnerd with 5 Gyres (5 Gyres is an incredible organisation which empowers action against plastic pollution) and a grassroots climate movement. I will talk more about non for profits in another post.

7. Woodlike Swimwear


This next, slightly more affordable bikini, wins over my love by its versatility. It is double sided, which gives you two bikinis for the price of one? It is also designed by avid surfers, meaning it holds on well to your body and avoids nip slips.

They are crafted from 100% recyclable Tyvek Material, and ship all their products in minimum recyclable packaging.

Okay, enough of the bikinis, what about mens swimsuits? Well.. I have the answer for that too?

Get your discount here : Katt4HealthyOceans

8. Sloppy Tunas


100% recycled swimwear from plastic from the sea, crushed into small pieces, minced into pellets, processed into high quality threads and then turned into some of the nicest male swim trunks out there.

They have just reached their kickstarter goal, and will be sending out their first orders in July!

There is another recycled board shop company called



They donate 1 pound from every pair sold to the Marine Conservation Society. These guys also recycle marine debris into stylish boardshorts, however are on the higher end of the cost scale, with 95Pounds for 1 pair of shorts.

There is a myriad of other environmentally friendly companies, but I am going to let buzzfeed take over and give you a longer list of eco friendly options. Or PETA. Ethical fashion is the way to go. REMEMBER best thing you can do for our oceans, is REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE!


10. Tree Tribe


Every sale Tree Tribe makes, they plant 10 trees. Trees are the best resource we have to battle climate change : they ensure water stays in the ground, support healthy soil structures, create diverse habitats, cool the surroundings and help regulate carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. If you want to read a little bit more about my obsession with trees and reforestation, just click here.

Tree Tribe not only have the coolest sunglasses (which are made out of bamboo, (probably the most renewable resources available) they also float! They have become my go to ocean accessory on any dive trip.

Get a 10% discount when you use the code OCEANPANCAKE10 at check out.

They also have a line of Leaf Leather products, which unlike the real animal leather counterparts to not contribute to animal suffering, vast amounts of chemicals leaching into soil and rivers and are just as biodegradable!

11. Bureo


Discarded fishing nets are collected in the coastal communities in Chile, they are cleaned and prepared for reuse, Prepared materials are shredded and melted into NetPlus® recycled pellets and then bureo crafts them into new products. These guys create skateboards, sunglasses, threads and other goods.

B U R E O = (BOO – RAY – 0)

12. Indosole

download (1)

Indosole are on the mission to become become the world’s most responsible footwear  company, by delivering high-quality enviro footwear for travel, adventure & lifestyle.

They are on a quest to save 1 million tires from landfills, and repurpose them into the souls of shows!

13. Planet Love Life


They use recycled ghost fishing nets to raise awareness about the thousands of marine animals which get trapped and die in the nets. Their moto is, save a life, buy a bracelet!

14. LovEarth Yoga Mats


Now this is another product I have myself, I love the natural feel of the yoga mat, and despite it being heavy, the fact that it is made out of recycled materials is a winner for me.

Most yoga mats are made from PVC, a material that is harmful to the environment to manufacture and takes up to 1000 years to biodegrade!

Not only that, they offer to recycle any of the yoga mats you already own. Remove plastic from your practise!

We up-cycle your mats with animal rescue shelters, with bedding solutions for the homeless, to help bring yoga into rural communities and many more.

Beauty Products

15. Zero Waste Beauty Australia

peppermint toothpaste

Have I raved enough about Zero Waste Beauty Australia? I truly beleive that we need to be working to eliminate plastic in our lives, and one of the best ways is to replace our plastic filled beauty routines with sustainable choices. Why not get yourself a charcoal and peppermint toothpaste? Or a cinnamon sugar scrub?

Trust me, you will love it.


So that is my list of 13 ocean friendly companies that I adore and highly encourage you to check out. If you can find some local ones. Do that instead!

Get anything you need to live an eco friendly life! Its always great to support local organisations in your community. I am going to start creating a list of sustainable business in the towns I have lived in. In another post though!


Honorable Mentions of Companies

Alright, I promised not to get too wrapped up in the big companies and focus on the smaller ones, however here are a few honourable mentions of companies trying to put our earth first.

  1. LUSH Cosmetics -all natural bath and body brand, helping reduce packaging and offering incentives for recycling
  2. TOMS – donating 60 million shoes to children world wide, using sustainable, recyclable and vegan materials.
  3. Beyond Meat – Creating a plant based alternative to burgers
  4. Seventh Generation – cleaning products using natural ingredients staying away from harmful toxins and chemicals.
  5. Norton Point – Eyewear company cleaning up the ocean one wave at a time.
  6. Precious Plastic – start collaborating, boost plastic recycling!

Let me know what companies I missed out!


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