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30 Ways To Help Our Ocean


Our Oceans Are Dying

If the Oceans die, we die. 70% of all of our oxygen comes with the algal blooms in the ocean, billions of individuals depend on the ocean for their livelihood, income and food and the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, is worth $56 AUD Billion.

I am sure you have read by now the reports, that the biggest coral bleaching event ever recorded just occurred worldwide in 2016, that there will be more plastic than fish by kg by the year 2050 and that just last year we surpassed the carbon parts per million forewarned by the scientists.


Ever since I was little, my schools and teachers drilled into us : Global Warming is real and is happening. We need to turn off our taps, switch off the lights when we leave the room, ride our bike and spread the green message. I lived by these few simple rules ever since, and only when I was 20 I made the connection of what was truly affecting our world. I started My Vegan Experiment where I delved into the questions I had about conservation, did eating meat and dairy truly impact our earth in such a negative way? Can we stay healthy when only eating plants? Despite the many years of evolution of the human being and our diet?


After completing my Vegan Experiment for a year, I wanted to focus more on the environmental side of my plant based diet, in particularly the ocean. So in the month of June, I challenge all of you to learn one little thing every day and apply it in your life to live a more Ocean friendly life.


So what is the June Ocean challenge? Its going to be 30 days of 30 ways to live a more ocean friendly lifestyle. Each day, on the Ocean Pancake Facebook group, I am going to bring up one topic every single day that we can discuss and share our thoughts about it. I am looking forward to learning from other ocean loving people to adjust my lifestyle to decrease my impact on the earth even more!

juneocean challenge.png


A quick preview of topics we will cover:

  1. Ways to Quit Plastic and where to find plastic alternatives
  2. What substances are toxic to our oceans and how to avoid them
  3. Cool Ocean Loving Companies to check out
  4. Eco Friendly Projects happening world wide

If you have a project, company or something that I should show case in this 30 day #juneocean challenge, send me an email or leave me a comment down below! I am constantly looking for cool people and projects to check out!

How You Can Join

The fight for our oceans needs as many of us, to do every little bit we can, which will amount to enough of a change. If us as individuals drive the conscious shift of people, of change towards a more environmentally attitude world wide : the plastic bag bans will follow, the eco conscious leaders will be voted into power and us voting with our wallets will force companies to invest in green alternatives.

Be part of the discussion now:

Ocean Pancake Facebook Group

Here you will join other like minded people to help push the Sea-Stainability agenda forward.

If you want to get started STRAIGHT away, why not check out the Resources Page I made on My Vegan Experiment about many environmentally friendly options.

If you care about the battle against plastic, why not get yourself a Plastic is The Killer T-shirt.

Get A Shirt | Clean The Ocean
Get A Shirt & Help Clean The Ocean

Let me know you’re joining this one month challenge, by hashtagging #juneocean on your instagram and twitter posts!!!


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