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18: The Great Barrier Reef is Not Dead with Tanya Murphy

Despite the rumours floating around, the Great Barrier Reef is not dead. It is a 2400km long stretch of incredible marine biodiversity that brings in $1.4 billion dollars of money to Australia, and supports 16,000 jobs in Queensland.


While it is still beautiful and vibrant serious threats to the health of the reef. Tanya Murphy and I discuss these in the newest episode of the Ocean Pancake Podcast. The biggest threat is climate change, and Australia needs to quickly start moving away from coal and towards renewable energy.

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The most important thing you can do to help the Reef, is to learn about it and go visit the Great Barrier Reef. Join a climate activist group, volunteer for marine conservation, or the Divers For Reef Conservation.

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17: How the Media is Several Years Behind Marine Science

Why is there such a big disconnect between science and the media? The scientific community has been aware of the microplastics and climate change impacts on our oceans for decades, so why are we just finding out now?

Rebecca Daniel, the founder of Marine Diaries shares her experience as a Marine Biologist and why it is so important to focus on science communication to the masses.

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Here are the resources mentioned in the podcast :

Make sure to check out Rebecca Daniel!

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Learning from Traditional Owners of the Land on How to Protect our Oceans

The modern world has created a disconnect between people and nature, and Maddi from Murriyan hopes to strengthen the connection between the marine world and the traditional knowledge of Australia. Listen here.


“We are an organisation aiming to promote ocean and marine life conservation through Indigenous values”

As a Wiradjuri woman, she discusses the First Nation’s people connected to our oceans and shares some insight into conservation, sustainability, and life in Australia.

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Why We Can’t Save Oceans without Discussing Climate Change with Lucie G

What are the biggest contributing factors to the health decline of our oceans? How serious is the Ocean’s plight and what are scientists doing to learn about the impacts of coral bleaching, acidification, and changing currents.

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Marine Biologist Lucie Guirkinger breaks down the impacts of climate change, over fishing, and the side effects of bycatch.

  • Did you know that ocean acidification is impacting the thickness of shells?
  • That the melting of icecaps is impacting migratory patterns of sea creatures everywhere?
  • How these shifts in food chains are creating a butterfly effects across the whole world?

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How Saving the Oceans is a ‘Real Job’ with Tiffany Duong

It’s never too late to change your career and work with your passions to protect our planet. From working in the Amazon, Coral Reef Restoration, and creating waves of positivity to protect our oceans and our planet. Learn from someone who has been there, how to start work in conservation!

It’s never too late to change your career and work towards a better tomorrow.

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Tiffany Duong left the corporate world behind to travel the world to work for herself and the planet by creating Ocean Rebels.

We cover how to find a job in ocean conservation, where her journey took her, and the importance of keeping the discussions of climate change and ocean conservation close. I asked her how to work in marine conservation, and she provided some fantastic insights with refreshing honesty. It can be scary, but it is infinitely rewarding.

Fieldwork - Scuba - CRF - Coral Restoration

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Sharksafe Barrier as a Non lethal technology to protect beaches with Sara Andreotti

We need to stop killing 150 million sharks a year, but we also need to keep beaches safe. Non Lethal shark barrier technology can be the answer.

Today I am joined by Dr. Sarah Andriotti one of the Marine Biologists who has pioneered the Sharksafe Barrier an alternative to keeping swimmers on beaches safe.

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We discuss the behaviour of great whites, the methods of testing the magnetic and bio-mimicking technology, the results, and the future plans for the Sharksafe Barrier.

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How Electric Current Can Increase Coral Growth with Hannah Kish

Not all ocean conservation organisations are legitimate or doing the right thing for our planet or the volunteers. Today, we decided to discuss some of the less happy points of volunteering.

Have you wondered how coral nurseries work? How regrowing coral can help the great barrier reef? Can we help save the Great Barrier Reef?

Join me and Marine Biologist Hannah Kish as we discuss coral spawning, threats to the reef, and how you can help!

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This incredible woman has worked with Florida’s Coral Conservation along with the Great Barrier Reef’s Reef Restoration Foundation. We met when we were both volunteering on Fitzroy island and cleaning the coral tree nurseries from excessive algae growth. She is an inspiring woman who is now working towards finding which methodologies or systems can increase coral grown in nurseries.

In this Ocean Pancake Episode we talk about all things coral: from spawning, taking care of coral, sexual and asexual reproduction and why it is so important in our coral reef ecosystems.

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Heal Yourself to Heal the Planet with Shay Ryan

Have you wanted to create a positive impact on the environment? To keep perspective while spinning on this planet through outer space?

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Meet Shay Ryan, an earth lover who has dedicated his time to learning about our inner worlds to help create change in the outer world. We discuss the connection of the ocean, forests, love to yourselves, and our belief systems.

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How to Use Ghost Nets to Benefit the Ocean with Woodlike Swimwear

There are over 5 trillion pieces of plastic floating around our oceans which can take up to 1000 years to biodegrade. Until then, they enter the ocean’s food chain, end up in the stomachs of marine life, and kill everything from humpback whales, albatross, to turtles.

ocean pancake woodlike swimwear podcast

Upcycling these pieces of plastic is one of the ways we can deal with the plastic pollution issue, and closing the loop on plastic. In today’s episode of the Ocean Pancake Podcast I am joined by Woodlike Swimwears Mauricio Palma who shares the mission of protecting our ocean, while creating eco friendly swimsuits made out of Econyl. They are one of the best 15 eco friendly brands.

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Do Shark Nets Make Our Beaches Safer With Sea Shepherd’s Jonathan Clark

What are shark nets? What are drumlines? Do these methods truly help keep our beaches safe?

Sea Shepherd’s Apex Harmony campaign aims to protect sharks to help preserve the balance in the oceans. Jonathan Clark is the coordinator for this campaign and joins me today to tell us all about shark nets, drum lines, nonlethal shark methods, and what the data tells us.

The Queensland Government is spending upwards of $4 million dollars every year on the shark control program, which has no scientific evidence that it makes our beaches safer while killing thousands of protected species since the 70s. Just recently, another 17$ million more was allocated to expand the shark control program. Listen in to learn exactly what is happening off the coast of Queensland, why we need to defend sharks, and what you can do to help.

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